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Single Length Irons Are Here!

Wishon Sterling Single Length Irons

Now Available To Test Drive!


Our Wishon Sterling single length irons have arrived. Here are some details on the demo Sterling irons that we’re building.

  • We have a three club set of demo irons in 5, 7 and 9 iron lofts.
  • Demo clubs will be available to be shafted  with FST steel shafts, in a flex of your choice.
  • You'll need to prearrange a demonstration time so we will have the shafts prepared, installed and ready for you.
  • All of the Sterling demo irons will be 36-3/4" long and at a 63 degree lie angle.
  • All iron heads weigh 274 grams, about the weight of a standard 8 iron head.
  • Sterling irons come in a full set available from sand wedge to the 23 degree 5 iron, or hybrid, (8 clubs total).

Many people have become aware of the use of single length irons with Bryson DeChambeau's success in the last year.  He plays single length irons that have extremely upright lies.  That's because they match his very upright swing plane.  He specifically points out that the single length concept is suitable for any golfer.  (Start at 2:46 in the attached You Tube Video).  The length and lie of the set needs to be custom fit to each individual golfer.  Then they will fit properly, regardless of a golfer's upright, flat, one-piece or 2 piece swing.


Matt Dobyn's is now playing Single Length irons. For more information Click Here.


And here is a review by Mark Crossfield - Professional Golf Instructor.  Click Here.


Tom Wishon has kindly provided us with more information on single length irons.  Click here.

There was a recent article on the GolfWRX web site about the concept and development of the Wishon Single Length Sterling irons.  We view single length irons as a great innovation.  We hope that your interest will take you to Engineered Golf and give our demos a test drive.  There is good potential that playing single length irons can help all golfers create more consistency in their golf shots.  Come and test them and you'll see!


If you are NOT near North Bay, here is a link for Where To Find AGCP Fitters Who Have Sterling Irons.


There are 11 heads shown in the photo below; the 3 demo heads as well as 8 iron heads for a full set of clubs ranging anywhere from 23 to 58 degrees.  WHY 8  heads for an iron set including wedges? Ask us in the Comments Section of our Contact Page, and we’ll let you know!


Sterling single length irons

Pinhawk Single Length Irons

Pinhawk Single Length irons have now arrived at Engineered Golf.  They too will be available to try as a demo set in the 5, 7 & 9 iron configuration.  Contact Us to prearrange installation of different flex shafts.

Pinhawk single length irons
Pinhawk single length irons

Single Length Left Hand Iron Sets

We are constructing single length left handed sets.  We are able to perform special modifications to Wishon 771csi, 979ss and PCF Micro Tour wedges to create a set of irons with lofts ranging from 23 to 56 degrees.  Single length 335HL hybrids in 21 and 24 degree lofts can be also be used for this set.  Just when you thought that a high performance, custom fit set of single length LH irons was not available to the general public.  Contact Us to inquire further.

single length left hand irons
single length left hand irons
single length left hand irons
single length left hand irons
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