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Engineered Golf Guarantees Their Golf Clubs

We fully guarantee that the golf clubs we fit & build for you will perform as you desire. If they don't provide the expected results, we will either rebuild or make the necessary adjustments until we're both happy with the performance.  We also have in place a limited refund policy.  All of that service for clubs that are competitively priced with mainstream OEM products, but with superior craftmanship and quality.

Club fitting

Engineered Golf utilizes sophisticated launch monitor technology, high speed video and Dynamic Loft & Lie Testing to see where the ball is contacting the clubface at impact.

club fitting

We have an extensive inventory of interchangeable heads and shafts that provides the best possible solution for achieving the perfect fit and enhancing your game and pleasure.

CLICK HERE for more information about our club fitting process.

club fitting

Putter Fitting

If the putter’s not matched to your style of putting, there is little chance the putter will lower your score.  Every putter is set to your exact requirements, correct length, loft, lie angle, weight, balance, grip size;  after all it's your MOST used club!  Discover more - CLICK HERE.

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Engineered Golf offers complete club reshafting and repair services.  Our extensive assessment and evaluation steps ensure that reshafted and repaired clubs are consistent with the golfer’s existing set.  See more information on shafts, CLICK HERE

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Every shaft has unique characteristics, even within the same shaft model and flex.  Each can perform slightly different.  We take great care to eliminate performance differences.  An essential process is Flat Line Osciallation, (FLO).  We FLO every shaft installation so the club will consistently arrive at impact on the same plane for every shot.  We have also improved existing shaft sets by FLO'ing and repositioning.  Come see us about FLO'ing your shafts.  CLICK HERE

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Grips contribute to the feel of your golf clubs. They need to be fitted so they deliver the most comfort.  Proper regripping will lower the tension level in the hands and arms.  You'll then able to repeat your swing more consistently.  Engineered Golf’s regripping services include accurate grip sizing for each player.  For more in-depth knowledge CLICK HERE

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Loft & Lie Alterations

Angle bending is among the fastest ways to improve a player’s ball flight. It is a major factor in club performance. Changing the lie's can improve accuracy and changing the loft's can ensure consistent distance gapping through the set.  We invite you to learn more.  CLICK HERE

Custom Club Grinding

Some advantages to the customer are:

  • No one else will have your same set of golf clubs.
  • Soles can match swing types, turf and sand conditions.
  • Obtain the exact look desired at setup.
  • Shift the CG (center gravity) location as desired.
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Special Club Head Adjustments

  • Face length
  • Leading edge radius
  • Toe height
  • Sole width and shape
  • Toe profile
  • Target weight
  • Leading edge bevel
  • Removal of knicks and scratches
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