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Components & Manufacturers

Components and manufacturers are listed below.

Engineered Golf is pleased to offer quality components from PXG Golf,  Tom Wishon Golf Technology, Miura Golf, KZG Golf, Alpha Golf, Tour Edge/Exotics, Swing Science Golf, and Harry Taylor wedges.  We also offer putters from PXG, Cure, Seemore, KZG, Swing Science, Alpha, Wishon, and Uebelhor Golf.  There are equipment enhancement products from Balanced Certified, Tour Lock Golf, Billy Bob's OEM replacement adjustable ferrules, and ProSoft Inserts.


We wish to stress that all of our models that we offer are original designs, not clones or knock-offs.  Many of the models actually have had their unique features copied by OEM's.  All of our components are equal to, and most often far exceed OEM standards in quality control, innovation and design features.  Our guaranteed fitting and building of clubs far surpass OEM quality.

Shafts are available from a variety of manufacturers such as:

• True Temper,
• KBS,
• FST,
• Xcaliber,
• Aerotech,
• Accra,
• Wishon,
• UST Mamiya,
• Paderson,

• Mitsubishi Rayon,
• Fujikura Components,
• Matrix,
• Aldila,
• Graphite Design,
• Grafalloy,
• Apollo
• Nippon Shaft, and others.

Grips are also available from many distinguished manufacturers, such as:

  • Golf Pride
  • Lamkin
  • Winn
  • PURE Grips
  • Iomic
  • Super Stroke
  • Flat Cat Putter Grips by Lamkin
  • Gripmaster leather grips
  • Arm Lock Golf putter grips
  • Wishon Golf
  • Star
  • Tiger Shark putter grips
  • Tacki-Mac
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