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PXG Golf - nobody makes golf clubs the way they do. Period.

PXG Golf was developed with one goal in mind: to create the best-performing golf equipment on the planet. They have more than 120 global patents for their proprietary designs and innovations. PXG clubs look, feel and play like nothing else.  Their clubs are simply exquisite and are manufactured to the highest tolerances.


We have asked all of our clients who have come to Engineered Golf to describe them. Regardless of any clubs that they have finally purchased, they all have said the hype is true - they are the best feeling clubs they have ever tested. The clubhead feel could be described as the world's finest.

0811X & LX, 0811XF AND 0811

PXG drivers present unmatched distance, sound and feel, with fine-tuning options like you’ve never seen. Game-changing innovations in materials and manufacturing processes have led to the development of three exceptional driver collections designed to fit golfers at every level of the game.

PXG Golf

0341 AND 0341X

PXG fairway woods offer incredible distance, accuracy, and forgiveness thanks to leading-edge innovations in materials and manufacturing processes. PXG’s signature Precision Weighting System helps ensure that every club is dialed-in to meet each golfer’s unique performance goals.

PXG Golf

0317 AND 0317X

Similar to the 0341 and 0341X fairway woods, the PXG hybrid series features a fully adjustable Precision Weighting System for optimal trajectory, distance and accuracy, along with an 0317X version that offers a TPE honeycomb insert for improved sound and feel.

PXG hybrid

0311X GEN2

Battle the elements with PXG 0311X GEN2

driving irons. These low-launch, low-spin driving irons will help you crush your drive straight down the middle, flying under the wind. Augment your bag to optimize for unmatched performance in any condition.

PXG driving irons

0311T GEN2, 0311 GEN2, 0311XF GEN2 & 0311 GEN2 SGI

Now with  four collections engineered for performance, PXG GEN2 irons deliver an unparalleled playing experience regardless of swing style or skill level. All four PXG GEN2 collections leverage patented technology featuring an ultra-thin face coupled with a new S25C structural filler material. High-density tungsten alloy weights position mass for an optimal CG (center of gravity) position and high MOI (moment of inertia) resulting in longer more consistent shots.

The PXG GEN2 Irons feature a forged 8620 soft carbon steel body, groundbreaking COR2 Technology, a large functional internal face area, the industry’s thinnest club face and PXG signature weighting technology. Every element combines to deliver better turf interaction, more distance, accuracy and performance, all with a sleek look and a buttery-soft feel.

PXG GEN2 irons

0311 AND 0311T

PXG 0311 and 0311T wedges offer the versatility to play all the short shots needed to produce consistently low scores. The grooves of the 0311 have been designed to yield the maximum amount of spin on shorter shots, while optimizing spin on longer shots, while the 100% milled 0311T wedges use innovative sole designs for consistent performance and advanced shot-making. High-density tungsten alloy weights — which create each wedge's signature look — are positioned around the perimeter for unmatched feel and superior wedge play.

PXG Wedges


PXG milled insert putters, featuring the same breakthrough TPE core technology found in PXG 0311 irons, are now available. With twenty models designed to suit any swing, PXG's new putters deliver incredible forgiveness and produce a consistent response across the entire face.

PXG Putters

A Perfect Fit

The right equipment can make a big difference in your game.  Just like you wouldn’t buy a good suit without having it tailored, you shouldn’t purchase golf clubs without getting fitted.


Schedule your PXG Golf fitting at Engineered Golf today.

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